Humor is the cure.

People who don’t know me, usually perceive me as a rather serious person. I suppose I do put off a serious exterior. But the truth is, one thing I take VERY seriously, is humor. 

Throughout my life I’ve had one tough time after the other. Many things have happened to me that I would never wish on anyone. But one thing I’ve learned while struggling through life, is how important it is to laugh every single day. Luckily I was blessed with an absolutely hilarious family and friends to share many laughs with. No matter our tribulations, my family is the first to crack a joke and make you laugh yourself to tears. We may be on the brink of a nervous breakdown or stressed to our limits, but somehow we find a way to laugh it off and forget why we were ever worried or upset. 

Don’t get me wrong, we’re a strong moralled, Christian valued family. But we aren’t opposed to “That’s what she said” jokes, fart jokes, and referring to each other as hoes and skanks (I’m the oldest of 5 girls). We pride ourselves on how talented we are at burning(burning as in dissing with clever jokes) our loved ones. It’s all in good fun!

Tonight I found these ridiculous bedazzled boots and put them on while wearing my pajamas. Then I noticed a rather large leather jacket, then it hit me. 

Image “Do you believe in life after love?!?!?!”

That’s right, a PERFECT Cher ensemble sitting right in front of my eyes! I was so happy I found such a thing and was able to take a photo to make other people laugh. Next Halloween? I think possibly. 

Moral of the story: Make time for humor. Make it a priority. Laugh every day. Laugh so hard your cheeks feel like they might cramp up and your stomach hurts. Make other people laugh until they cry. And when things get tough and times are rough, laugh like it’s the only medicine for a deadliest of diseases. 

Do these things and I promise your life will be rich.

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