Busyness, Barf and Cowgirls.

Today has been a little more difficult than most days. First off, I hardly slept last night. It was that really light sleeping where you wake up 8378975 times and cannot possibly get comfortable. Also Rayne fell off of her bed in the middle of the night. She just fell back asleep on the floor though, but she didn’t wake up very happy. When she woke up, she quietly walked to her bed and laid down, then started to cry into her pillow. She was very whiny all morning. Which wasn’t easy when I had hardly slept. Soon after I got my coffee, Rayne barfed all over my mom and herself. Now, the good thing about little kids, is once they puke, they’re usually perfectly fine and running around wild. Which she did. She’s been on the go all day and I am thoroughly exhausted. But she did use the big potty twice! She was pretty proud of herself, so I rewarded her with a new cowgirl hat. She loves it and continues to show it off.



At this point in the day, I just cannot wait to sleep. But, I still have to make my very special/delicious ham & cheese scalloped potatoes for dinner. THEN I can relax. 

I hope you’re having a really awesome and productive day.

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