A much needed rant.

I would like to take a moment to talk about something that really irritates me. Well, there is many many many things that I cannot stand, but I’m just going to address one at the moment.

The abbreviation “FML” Which means “fuck my life”, STOP USING IT. Stop saying “Fuck my life” in general. First of all, self pity is annoying on it’s own. But when you say something so lame usually pertaining to something ridiculously minimal, it boggles my mind how you haven’t killed yourself over any actual problems. For instance, I’ve recently read someone say “I’m at home with no booze, fml”. Seriously? Do you know how ignorant you sound? Fuck your whole life because you have no alcohol for one night? If you really feel that way, than you should probably get a new life, to be frank. Of course I’m already fed up with everyone feeling the need to constantly be getting wasted to have fun or feel as if they’re living their life. Like if they have one quiet night at home, they’re the loser of the century and don’t deserve to live. It’s just pathetic. Get it together. I get the whole, “enjoy your youth” thing, but in this day and age, with everything in our country pretty much falling apart, you’d think we’d want to get our shit together and invest in our future instead of getting drunk almost everyday. But apparently I’m the only one who sees that. 

Anyways…back on topic. This whole “fml” thing, has got to stop. I understand using it in some instances like a series of very unfortunate events, like I had for many years in the past, and have said “fml” over it, but they were very serious issues that I’m proud to say I made it through. But for minuscule issues or when your night isn’t as wild as you’d hoped, is just ignorant. It’s weak and pathetic. What are you teaching your children if every tiny thing that doesn’t go your way is “fml”. You’re teaching them not to adapt to situations, not to be positive or optimistic and to whine and hate their lives for something as small as spilled milk. 

I can’t stand to be around people with such a mentality. It’s annoying, unattractive, ignorant and seriously pathetic. So, I hope you will all understand where I’m coming from, and agree. Because in the grand scheme of things, people acting like this doesn’t make the world a better place, it’s just making it worse and dragging the youth down with it.

Okay…It’s getting late. It’s time to end my rant.

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