A sending off and weekend alone.

Yesterday morning, Rayne came home from spending the night at her Grandma’s house. It seems silly to miss her so much when she’s only gone for about 12 hours, but I can’t help it. When she got home it looked like she had grown at least an inch! She was tall and thinner, like a growing toddler, no longer a baby. 

Luckily, the weather wasn’t too bad yesterday so she could go outside and play while the rest of our family packed to leave for the weekend. My Step Dad races motocross. This weekend there are two races. So they packed up the camper and bike, and headed to Eddieville, which is a huge motocross track where races are held. It’s a few hours drive from home. So while they were getting things ready, Rayne and I headed outside to help and play. These are a few pictures I got.


The weather was pretty alright. Considering it wasn’t pouring down rain or snowing for once in the past week.


Rayne decided to say hello to the doggies.


And give kisses.


She likes sitting on the trailer. It makes her feel like a big girl, which we all know she is.


She thought it was pretty fun playing by all her Papaw’s(my Step Dad) tools, planks, tires, etc. I had to stick close by her. The first thing she went for was the pocket knife and energy drink. Then she tried her balancing skills on these pieces of wood.


As we waited in the driveway, waving as they drove away, I noticed these flowers that were blooming. This is exciting. Spring and early Summer is the most beautiful for this place. I can’t wait to take tons of photos.


So, this weekend will be Rayne, two of my youngest sisters, and I. So far it’s working out well. No arguments yet. Rayne woke me up by poking me with a stick, then assisted me with making coffee. I cleaned the pot, and she got the coffee out for me, without me having to ask! So far so good. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far.

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