The storm rolled in.

As today went on, I decided I’d go for a walk to get some fresh air and a break from the girls. It had just stopped snowing and was quite sunny. 


But then I noticed the clouds rolling in.


And sure enough, it started hailing. REALLY hailing. Then came the thunder. But, soon after, the sun came out and the reflection off of the hail covered ground, was blinding. Almost Heavenly. 



The sudden burst of extreme weather was unexpected, but enjoyed, as it usually is. It’s now melting, and going back to wet and gray. It was nice while it lasted. Although, I would like to see some warmer weather soon. 

Oh yeah, here’s a photo of Rayne as she leaned up against her bed and sang to herself. Image 

There is no relevance to this post, but it’s cute.

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