Toddler tea party.

Last weekend Rayne’s Grandma took her and her cousin to a little place that holds tea parties. I’ve never been to one, but I heard great things about them, so I thought Rayne would like to try it out. Although, fancy attire is required.


And Rayne doesn’t really like fancy stuff. 


But she dealt with it. And when she wasn’t fighting to get out of it, she looked fabulous in her dress.


This is a picture Rayne’s Grandma sent me of them at the place holding the party. This is Rayne, her Grandma, and her cousin Ashlynn. 

She said the place had terrible service and the food was “okay”, and it wasn’t geared towards the little ones like advertised. But that’s okay, because a tea party isn’t Rayne’s…cup of tea you could say. *Badum Tish!*


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