Is today over yet?

Today has not been going my way. It’s been nothing but irritating. And this is why:

Today after getting Rayne dressed, I realized her hair was really greasy. Come to find out she had put butter in it. So I grabbed a hair tie to put it up before we left.


She hates having her hair up. As long as you act like nothing happened, she’ll sometimes forget about it, but once you mention the word “hair”, she reaches up and pulls out anything occupying her locks. She tried this a few times, leaving her hair still up, but hairs sticking out everywhere. I wasn’t in the mood to fix it, so she went to the store with messy hair. Then she threw a fit throughout the store, which she NEVER does usually. She didn’t want to sit in the seat part of the cart so I put her in the back, that didn’t seem to be good enough either. She was throwing a fit for no reason, so I just told her to suck it up. What else can you do? They wont listen to reason, they just wanna cry.

So, we’re in this isle and my mom and I are figuring which can of coffee to get that will save us money (this week is extremely tight), and this younger man comes up behind her. Neither of us realized she was in his way, but he politely said “Excuse me“, and she apologized and moved. But then I hear an older man reach over to the young man saying, “Women can handle themselves on the highway, but in here they don’t know what they’re doing”. The fact that this man was well into is late 70s if not 80s, did not stop me from initially wanting to rip into him with my sharpened feminist tongue. But I looked over to my mother and she didn’t seem to have heard, or cared what the man said. I was angry. Then I looked back at the old man sporting his veteran hat and a progressing hunch in his back, and thought to myself, “This man is clearly from a time where being a chauvinistic ass is acceptable and he’s probably paying for it seeing as how he’s grocery shopping alone, without a woman by his side”. Now, I don’t know this man or his life, but if there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s chauvinistic men. Honestly, if this man was younger I probably wouldn’t have held my tongue. But I decided to not let another old person with a warped view on things rile me up.

So, we get home with our very small amount of groceries, and Rayne decides to continue with the “I’m not going to listen to you today” attitude. She pulls away from my hands and takes herself over to a lawn chair, and plops down in it. At this point I really don’t feel like going through this nonsense, so I pick up the lawn chair, bring it into the house, and set it in the living room. HA! 

I make and serve Rayne’s lunch to her, then go back to the kitchen to whip something up for the rest of us. Now, Rayne has been candy crazy lately. With Easter candy all over the place, it’s never enough. Last night she was up past 11pm! So as I’m in the kitchen, my mother comes in with half of a chocolate bunny. I noticed it on the dining room table this morning, but I had picked it up so Rayne wouldn’t get it. I told her NO MORE CANDY!


Hmmm…I wonder who’s little teeth marks these are.

I don’t know how she gets a hold of these things. I think she has a hiding spot. 

Anyway, I haven’t had nearly enough sleep, coffee or food. Therefore, my mood is not at it’s best and my patience is running dangerously low. Tonight Rayne will be going to stay the night with her grandmother. Hopefully that means I’ll get some better sleep tonight and tomorrow wont be so rough. 

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