Mind your own parenting!

One thing that really irritates me as a mother, is when other mothers TELL you what you should do with your child in a situation, instead of friendly advise. As mothers, there are times when we just need to vent. Our children will behave badly or act the occasional brat, maybe we want to rant about it for a minute. But where it goes bad is when another mother comes in and says, “You need to tell them..blah blah blah”.

I for one get pretty offended when another mother feels the need to try to take over the situation by telling me what I need to do with my child as if I cannot handle it myself. First of all, just because I feel the need to vent about a recent event with my child, doesn’t mean I didn’t handle the situation. In fact, I’m probably not even upset, I just think it’s funny. But apart from that fact, it’s just plain disrespectful to another mother when you jump into her parenting business like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. 

I mean, for example, how would you feel if you decided to mention: “Oh, Timmy decided to tell me no repeatedly today”, when another mother says, “You need to ground him immediately! He needs to know who’s in charge! He can’t talk to you like that”?

You would never tell another parent how to punish their child! That is so out of line, it’s just common sense. Or so I thought. But I’ve experienced women like this more than once. I don’t know if they feel it appropriate because I’ve only been a mom for 2 years, or because they really believe I don’t know what I’m doing.

How do you handle someone like this? Do you ignore it or tell them off? Do they know they’re being condescending or is it innocent? So far, it hasn’t pissed me off enough for me to tell someone off, so I’ve been ignoring it. But when is it enough? When and how do you tell someone they’re being a condescending ass and they need to mind their business? 

It doesn’t piss me off to the point of flipping out because I’m confident in my parenting. If I need advice, I ask for it. But I know when and how to discipline my child and it’s my business. Just like everyone else’s parenting style is their business. But I’m hoping with time, people will stop trying to take over my job. Because I do have a breaking point.

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