The issue at hand.

I’ve had so much on my mind this past week, and it’s only gotten worse these past few days. Racing, running in circles. I can’t sleep. I have to force myself to eat. I’m nervous, anxious, on edge. The issue causing all of this I keep trying to work out in my head. Trying to find a solution. Hoping it will just fade away like it has before. Well…considering it’s back and thriving I wouldn’t say that it ever went away. Maybe I just buried it for a small amount of time, convincing myself it was only a minor problem. A glitch in my system. Right now I’d re-evaluate it as a very huge problem. A problem that I’ve tried to patch up and put away. It’s uncovered itself  and is stronger than ever. Unveiling my eyes to the truth. A truth that is extremely hard to swallow let alone face. I can feel myself trying to run from it again. It’s not working so well this time. I can’t seem to think of any solution besides ignoring it. Facing it, admitting it, and acting on it, would bring many more complications to my life. I don’t want anymore complications. So, for now, I am stuck in this shadowed state of endless thinking, restlessness, and confusion.

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