Help! My Blog Is Dying.

Goodbye, Punk Rock Mommy Seeking Jesus! Back to MOM WOMAN HUMAN!!

Punk Rock Mommy Seeking Jesus

 True: I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to. Which is causing my blog to die a not-so-slow death. It’s sad, and pathetic, I know. So many other moms (much cooler/funnier/wittier/more interesting than myself) have GREAT blogs that people look forward to reading, and I only witness them becoming more and more popular. While my tiny little nobody blog sits in a corner and pouts with hardly any readers.

At this point, in all honesty, I’m wondering why I started this blog and left my previous blog behind. Yes, That blog slowed severely as well, due to my lack of blogging (I know, I’m the problem). But, for some reason I felt like starting over instead of nurturing what I had, which was my first real blog, and more “me“. Not that this blog isn’t “me“, I just notice now that I had…

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The Latest.

Punk Rock Mommy Seeking Jesus

Today I had my scheduled appointment for a NST (non-stress test). Before I get to results and everything, I should mention Saturday.

So, on Saturday, baby wasn’t moving very much at all. Typically she is a VERY active baby. So much so, that I asked the doctor if it was normal for that much movement. So, when she wasn’t moving throughout the day, during kick counting, or even when I nudged her multiple times, I was very worried. Especially since Cholestasis has been in question. I decided to go to the hospital that evening and see if everything was okay. I have to admit I had a mini cry sesh in the bathroom before hand because I was so worried, but I got it together in front of everyone. 

We got to the hospital, and I didn’t want to be a burden or for the nurses to think I was…

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Watching My Pregnancy Go From Care-Free To High Risk In One Day.

Newest post/Pregnancy Update.

Punk Rock Mommy Seeking Jesus

On Tuesday, September 10th, my “Birth Plan” and any hopes of having a completely natural labor and delivery went out the window. I had been so confident and actually looking forward to an awesome birth experience. Suddenly, In one day, it was taken away and replaced with fear, confusion, and near panic. Not to mention a deep sadness. 

In my last update post, I mentioned some itching I’ve been having on my hands and feet. I told my doctor and she told me there are two kinds of itching in pregnancy: The tummy itch, with or without rash, and itching from Cholestasis. As she was explaining Cholestasis to me, she wasn’t speaking in a way that was “it might be”, she was basically telling me I have it. She ordered blood tests to check my bile acid levels, and ordered to see me every week for NST (non-stress test) for…

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My Decision To Have A Natural Birth, Hypno Style.

My latest post on my other blog!!

Punk Rock Mommy Seeking Jesus

In making the decision to have give birth to my second child naturally, I was met with more negativity than support. I assumed my family and friends would commend me for at least being brave enough to try, not to mention embracing my body’s natural ability instead of facing the inevitable D-day with fear and trying anything to run from the pain. But, most people either spat out some sarcastic remark, or deemed me crazy.

When this decision was first made, all I felt was the absolute desire to make myself do this. But as I dove deeper into it (like I do with anything I decide, I become obsessed), I realized how ridiculous us women are nowadays. I mean, our bodies were MADE to give birth. It knows what it’s doing. Yes, there are certain circumstances when things arise and medical intervention is needed. But, society has conditioned us…

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Honest To Blog: Should I Go For An Au Naturel Birth?

Newest post on my other blog…

Punk Rock Mommy Seeking Jesus

Until this afternoon, the thought of me going through labor and delivery without medication, just wasn’t happening. With my first, I was given an epidural eventually (which was the plan), and I was happy with it. I almost laughed my daughter out (literally)! I was calm and collected while pushing, which lasted a very short time (maybe 5 pushes). Of course I was expecting to go for the epidural this go ’round as well. But there were many things I had already planned to do differently.

I definitely wanted to go without an epidural as long as I could…..but sticking that thing in RIGHT when I request it. I also would prefer to move about as much as I can, but how can I do that with the God awful IV in which is required if getting an epidural? I also really would like to try the tub for pain…

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My Biggest Fear As Of Now.

My latest post concerning my pregnancy, mom guilt, and fear.

Punk Rock Mommy Seeking Jesus

It’s no secret that I could be qualified as a worry wort. I have always suffered from anxiety. I have my calm times, when I manage to control any worry I have. But, then I have times when my worries tend to pile up and stress becomes overwhelming. This entire pregnancy I have bounced back and forth between being strangely calm, almost numb, to worrying about every little difference between this pregnancy and my last. For the most part I’ve been able to conquer them all. However, the stress and worry that comes with the third trimester is definitely too big and pressuring to stifle. So much so, that they continue to show themselves in my dreams.

My biggest fear as of now, is that I wont be successful at breastfeeding

When I had Rayne, breastfeeding was important to me, but I didn’t have the information, resources or the support…

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Post from my new Mom Blog.

Punk Rock Mommy Seeking Jesus


Rayne is currently 2 1/2 years old and picking up speed. I remember when she couldn’t say a word and now she’s constantly talking. “Mommy, watch this!”, “Mommy, Help me!”, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”. But her current favorite is “Why?“. She asks “why” about EVERYTHING. And any answer I give her is quickly met with another “Why?“. Sometimes I get so frustrated I just say “I don’t Know!” or “Just because!”. I feel bad for not being able to provide helpful answers to her never ending whys, but what can ya do?


I’m happy that she is curious and wants to know about everything. But It’s difficult to have to have an answer for every single little thing. The other day I was holding Rayne, and my Mother told her that she loves her. Rayne asked, “Why?“. My Mom noted many…

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