Pregnancy Update: The End Is Near.

36 weeks and 2 days today. 



Honestly, I’m so ready for this baby to be born already! The excitement mixed with the pure exhaustion of being 9 months pregnant, is really setting in. I’m getting a little stir crazy up in here. Rearranging, organizing, re-rearranging, re-organizing. I just want to hold her and get this ball rolling. Maybe I’m just impatient, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel this at some point in your pregnancy(ies).

Beside the hardly ever sleeping, I’m feeling great. Yes, I’m tired and waddling around is getting old. But I’m really trying to keep humble and positive. 

I FINALLY got HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method from my library. I had been waiting for weeks! And let me tell you what, It’s an AMAZING book. Even if you aren’t Hypnobirthing, it’s fantastic to read during pregnancy. I could write a whole post on the book…(maybe I will later). Anyway, it’s really helping prepare my mind for birth and comfort me while I wait. It’s nice to be in a positive mindset at this point in time.

Tomorrow is my weekly check up and I’m planning on presenting my doctor with my birth plan. I am a little nervous, but it’s very important for me to make known what I’m hoping for and at the same time, let her see that I have made an effort to be knowledgeable about labor and birth and my options, and that I have every intention to be making the decisions. After basically taking the backseat during my first labor and birth experience, there is no way I will allow that this time. I know most of that was because of the nurses at that certain hospital, but having this birth plan will show them I mean business and wont be pushed around. 

I’m feeling very confident at this point and, thanks to Hypnobirthing, not afraid. Fear tends to hijack our pregnancies, labors and birth experiences. I’m so glad I found Hypnobirthing and had my mind opened to how ridiculous it really is. I’m taking back my birth experience and it’s going to be awesome!! 

I’m excited, can’t you tell?


Will You Forgive Me, Blog?

After ditching this blog because of its slow traffic (my own fault), I realize now it was a mistake. Why start over with a new blog but the same issues? Long story short, I created a blog, that did nothing but suffer all thanks to me. Poor blog. R.I.P PunkRockMommySeekingJesus.

However, with the sadness of losing another blog to the awful realization of being..dun dun dun..unpopular, I have decided to make my way back to my original blog. The one created just to say what I want to say. No special agenda, no trying to be cool like other mom blogs, it was just me. And at this point, I feel much better just being me again. Hey, isn’t that the way to go anyways?

So, without any further ado, I’m back.

Expect to see me blogging away again at

The final decision.

After throwing blog names back and forth, trying to find the perfect one for my new mom blog I’m planning on creating and hoping will become a profession, I’ve stumbled upon a thought that wouldn’t go away. At first I thought, “Nah, not everyone would be into that.” But it kept nagging at me as if I had no other choice. Then I gave that little thought some attention and realized it was a great idea, not because everyone will like it, but because it’s important to me and I would love to go in that direction.

My new blog will be a Christian mom blog. Still the same idea (Mom discussions, Ideas, Advice, Questions, etc.) but with Christian beliefs thrown into the mix. Not that I need to give an explanation for my decisions, but I find that when I explain my decisions, it helps people understand my point of view and finds a relative ground. So, this is why I’m making a Christian mom blog:

  1. Being a Christian Is very important to me, especially as a mother.
  2. My Christian beliefs have gotten me through my entire motherhood, good times, bad times, depression, stress, feeling helpless, etc.
  3. It’d be awesome to uplift other mothers with not only advice, and friendship, but also the word of God.

I know this is the right direction for me to go in because I feel no desire to do just a regular mom blog. I’m going full force with this Christian mom blog idea and I’m feeling VERY positive. I know not everyone will agree with this, because not everyone is pro Jesus, but everyone, no matter what you believe, is welcome to read and enjoy my mom blog.

I hope you will all still read and follow my soon-to-come mom blog and find in it a welcoming, informative, and seriously awesome mom circle. 🙂